Anupa Eco Boutique, luxury shopping in Vietnam              
55 Ngo Quang Huy. District 2. Saigon. Vietnam  OPEN DAILY 9-5PM
Telephone (ENG) +84 (0) 913 989 747   Telephone (VN)  +84 (0) 961 588 862 

While the collections are made in Ho Chi Minh City where I am based, I chose to open ANUPA'S flagship brick and mortar boutique to proudly showcase and empower consumers to buy luxury products that have been made in Vietnam.

The ANUPA eco boutique is situated in Ho Chi Minh City's central designer and restaurant district at Quan Bui Garden Restaurant giving the boutique more local charm to our collections that are locally made. Due to the poor quality air in the city I have also  improved the anupa eco shopping experience for our staff and guest by using ICARE air purifiers which allows for the air to be clean and virus free. 

The boutique has a relaxing and charming atmosphere, complimented by sustainable interior which house the complete ANUPA Collection (leather, jewellery, linen dresses) as well as handpicked top choices on up-and-coming eco designers from all over the world.

When I am not busy sourcing and making ANUPA products I can always be found in boutiques where I would be happy to help you to select your very own ANUPA piece.



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