My ethics

"more than paying the minimum salary..."

At ANUPA being ethical is more than saying our factory workers earn a minimum salary and work in good conditions. Shouldn’t everyone be financially rewarded for working ? I share with you the different layers of ANUPA’S ethics.



I love being involved in the production of ANUPA products from cutting leather to preparing the item for retail. This is the assurance my clients have that ANUPA is ethically produced as I would never dream of sub contracting and allowing my products to be made without my full attention.



Selecting premium materials is quite an amazing experience, its going shopping for only the best things in the world. Purchasing materials from the same suppliers over time allows me to get deeper into my work and develop and research production processes. I have  great partners who set standard above and beyond what the industry simply requires . (Read more at



I condone working with underweight models in ANUPA campaigns and reduce the level of  "photoshop" or falsely enhance photos. This is neither “luxurious” nor "ethical" in my opinion. You will often see I use regular people who are active in sports as talent to represent my work.  



I have never understood sales and often wonder if you discount your prices, what is the real value of a product? At ANUPA be it at our boutique or online I am proud to say we do not have sales NOR price discount, which means our clients never have to fear they are being over charged or not given fair access to our product.