My story

ANUPA in Sanskrit means incomparable, unequalled, unique 

ANUPA brings you a collection of BESPOKE luxury leather accessories and jewellery that are different from the latest IT bag and accessories. At the heart of ANUPA is the understanding we all love to look and feel great, but we don't all want to look like the next page of a fashion magazine.

My designs are timeless and do NOT conform to the latest trends, meaning it really will become a piece that you cherish for more than a season.

I believe each and every client should be fairly treated and given the equal chance to purchase my products. Whatever the occasion or time of the year we do not price discount, have seasonal sales, nor give our products away for celebrity or for media endorsements. If you are carrying an ANUPA item you are a proud owner of an ANUPA piece that truly is bespoke and produced and sold to you in the most ethical way.

Whatever the occasion, looking effortlessly gorgeous wearing an ANUPA piece which truly belongs to you, is the only luxury we know at ANUPA !

my story